These are the only 3 things most of our customers want from their Marketing investment:

  1. MQL - Leads that convert into Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

  2. ROI - Measurable Returns of Marketing Investments (ROMI)

  3. Sustainable Brand Awareness

The above list is what all the below programs are based on.

Our pay for performance model is aligned with driving sustainable ARR growth while constantly improving ROMI, and making your company look bigger then you are.



To deliver on this promise, all the below plans include the establishment of:

  • Clear focus on KPIs with an easy Executive Dashboard
  • Transparent budget expectations and ROI reporting
  • Weekly updates on how marketing is doing vs. agreed upon priorities
  • Constant lead flow at right CAC, and plug Funnel Leaks
  • Manage your brand reputation. Make the small look bigger.

The plans are priced like typical SaaS Services. Since our CMO-as-a-Service manages your team, the # of people managed and the amount of marketing budget $ under management are the main drivers of the plan structure. 



0% KPI Based

No Marketing Team


10% KPI Based

Team <5


20% KPI Based

Team 5-25


20% KPI Based

Team >25


For the above CMO-as-a-Service programs, your CMO:

  • Leads your Marketing Team
  • Is part of your Management Team
  • Gets partly paid based on Marketing KPIs
  • Manages Marketing ROI
  • Oversees vendor & agency work

* If you elect the complete 12 months START program, the CMO is responsible for hiring and on boarding your Permanent Marketing Leader.