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7 ways to get the most out of long tail Social Media Marketing

Try the long tail of Social Media pays off in many ways. The slogan to "Nail a Niche" is very applicable to most startups. You need to get to Product-Market-Fit, and getting close to your early Adopters and Innovators are the best way to get there. Long Tail Social media communities are where you find these audiences. This could include a Facebook group or a specific Twitter influencer. More likely, however, are you to find success in for example these watering holes

24 CRM Solutions ranked by price and popularity

Prices for SaaS CRM Solutions are all over the place. I'm not attempting to compare these solutions by quality or fit, since everyone's needs are different. The price vs. popularity is an interesting view, and seeing how the prices stack up vs. other SaaS Software categories is interesting as well. The form below provides access to a PDF version.