Part-time CMO

5 steps to recruit your content creation team

Building your own Content Marketing team to rely on is strategic for any Marketing function to scale. You need people who can turn customer interviews into case studies, write ad copy, emails, and thought leadership content. I've found it very valuable to create a "stable" of go-to freelancers to keep things fresh and to always have a few people to rely on when other writers are not available. Here are some ideas to build up your virtual content marketing team.

3 SaaS KPIs critical to grow ARR exponentially

Optimizing your SaaS conversion funnel while hitting the above 3 KPI categories is going to help you drive ARR growth at an exponential rate.

The three SaaS KPIs Churn, ARPU, and CAC are relatively straightforward to optimize by themselves. Doing them in parallel is a struggle for most SaaS Marketing teams. 

B2B or B2C - Who are you really selling to?

As a B2B Marketer, you're still marketing to individuals. You are convincing someone to spend someone else's money. Here are the three layers of communication you need to appeal to the individual, equip them with tools to go talk to their boss, and handle all the internal blockers she could encounter during the buyers journey.