Content Marketing

Why Blog Title Generators are Cuter Than a Kitten

The title of this post was generated by a title generator. While nothing beats a thought-full approach to each email subject line, a page title or ad headline, there are good excuses to use a growth hack. If you’re short on time, or just want to get your team’s juices flowing, using these “Title Generators” can actually be helpful. Give it a try.

5 steps to recruit your content creation team

Building your own Content Marketing team to rely on is strategic for any Marketing function to scale. You need people who can turn customer interviews into case studies, write ad copy, emails, and thought leadership content. I've found it very valuable to create a "stable" of go-to freelancers to keep things fresh and to always have a few people to rely on when other writers are not available. Here are some ideas to build up your virtual content marketing team.