B2B or B2C - Who are you really selling to?

As a B2B Marketer, you're still marketing to individuals. You are convincing someone to spend someone else's money. Here are the three layers of communication you need to appeal to the individual, equip them with tools to go talk to their boss, and handle all the internal blockers she could encounter during the buyers journey.

Content Marketing (CopyWriter) Job Description

You turn poetry into engagement. You keep asking the questions “What’s it for?” and “Who’s it for?” to make sure our communication is specific and meaningful. You’re an educator, a journalist, and a thinker. You get people to look up and notice us. You invite people to engage with our content and then take the next step in their journey. And you are so much more. Read on.

When will 1:1 Marketing finally become real?

When you go to a hotel as a gold or platinum loyalty member, do you actually get the same pillow type as you had ordered last time? Does the drinking water in the room match your personal preference? It usually does not. This is not a technology problem nor a people problem. It’s a synthetic problem. Read on to see what innovative company is working on finally solving this.

Maslow powered Marketing Messaging

A great framework to build the messaging part of your framework that needs to resonate with the individual is the good old Maslow Pyramid of Needs.  Try to think about ways your solution helps your audience have more job security, feel safer in what they do or learn something new and fulfill their potential. This is really powerful. Give it a try when you build your next email copy or messaging framework.