If you’re a B2B SaaS company that needs a seasoned CMO but can’t afford one, you’ve come to the right place

Chief Outsiders provides marketing leadership to fast growing SAAS companies


60+ Marketing Teams "launched"

$8 Billion+ in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) Growth

35+ New Product Introductions

40+ Exits


The LeadCrunch CEO sharing his experience with our SaaS CMO Service


4 plans to market your company as your company grows up


Take charge of marketing

Zero to $1M ARR

(no marketing team)


Get marketing going

$1M to $10M ARR

(first, tiny mktg team)


Multiply your ARR

$10M to $100M ARR

(<10 people mktg team)


Grow and profit

Rule of 40% or $100M+

(5+ people mktg team)


Stijn Hendrikse provides a quick overview of the four stages of growth that every B2B SaaS Company goes through building their SaaS Marketing function.


Level up your SaaS Marketing to Scale with your Business

Get marketing qualified leads (MQLs), grow average revenue per user (ARPU), address churn, and scale customer lifetime value (LTV), all while lowering customer acquisition cost (CAC).


Stijn hendrikse shares An example of a SaaS CMO Playbook

“Stijn transformed Atera into a global SaaS company and created a strong platform for growth. If you want to succeed, Stijn is the guy that you want on your team.”
— Gil Pekelman, CEO, Atera